Jan. 15, 2011: Buenos Aires, Argentina

In which we discover that while my Spanish is good enough to ask where the stop for bus #86 is, it's not quite good enough to decipher the answer that "Bus #86 has been replaced. You need to get on #8 instead, and it will take you there."

Rather, I understood that I had to take #8, then transfer to #86. Cue expected hilarity, etc. Other than that? A quite uneventful trip. I slept the whole way...

Anyway: on to the photos! I have discovered (well, ok, "discovered" isn't quite the word; I knew about this before I left) that there is not a single commercial establishment in Buenos Aires that is open on Sunday. Getting a bike will have to wait until Monday AM. Not a huge deal; my plan had always been to spend the day wandering around the city anyway. But I guess that will wait until tomorrow's post.

My other discovery is that 90% of the restaurants in this town seem to be German. Not too surprising, knowing the history of the area, but I wasn't prepared for its overwhelming preponderance. Even trying to find someplace non-German (I eventually went into a place advertising "Patagonian fish, Argentinian wines and meats." or something of the like) I perused the menu only to discover that, well...

(I mean, this is all fine, I like German food. But had I wanted to eat German, I would have gone to: Germany?)

Tonight's wine: Bodegas Lopez Malbec 2009. I really liked this one. I'm usually not a fan of the tannins in a Malbec, but this wasn't too bad. It was quite smooth, with a spicyness in the aftertaste that I normally associate with Willamette Pinots.
Posted on: Wednesday Jan. 19, 2011 @ 09:14 MST
Re: Buenos Aires, Argentina
It's all right.  In Germany you can only find Italian restaurants.  Surprisingly alot of Japanese too.  Finding a "good" German restaurant is actually hard.

Everything closed on Sunday must also come from Germany.  This country is a wasteland on Sunday.  Sigh

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