Jan. 16, 2011: Buenos Aires, Argentina

Sunday was full of thunderstorms. That, and closed shops. I went out for a few hours in the rain, but since everything was closed anyway, gave the enterprise up after a while and returned to the hostel. At which point I tried making some changes to this blog software (Someone — who shall remain unnamed — was disappointed that I hadn't thought to include an RSS feed). After a little bit of that, I decided that programming on a Spanish keyboard was just too painful (ALL the punctuation's in the wrong place!), and went back out into the thunderstorms that had by that point relented into a slow drizzle. Soon enough, even that abated to nothing, and the rest of the day was nice. And now... off to find myself a bicicleta!

Tonight's wine: Reserva del Fin del Mundo (Patagonia) Malbec 2008. Yeah, this was more like the Malbecs I'm used to. Not to my taste. Wasn't my first choice, but they kept coming back saying they didn't have 375mL of anything else.

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