Eat Poop You Cat, Game 2

Rebortus "Red M&M's, blue M&M's, they all end up the same colour in the end."
Surit "Now that I think about it, no it wasn't the safest place to keep your precious balls!"
Rashelle "Aahhhh! The squid are attacking from the heavans!"
Savona the 1st "There is no escape from the mighty squid invasion, it will hurt us all in the end."
Little Dave "The one eyed aliens are failing to learn what to do with our giant lollypops and the tanning light they have provided us is powerful enough to roast our skin."
Raphael "Poor Lester learned the hard way that the kite he made of stone wouldn't fly-- when his arms spontaneously combusted. Meanwhile, the clouds gasped as the teenage mutant shell-less turtles farted in frustration as to how to operate the candied apples."
rTorr = 7 mmHG
Grimlock "The tuba, much like drugs, is always payed in advance. Yow! too-much-coffee field!!"
Duffman Pete
Peacefrog Al "Herbert, who gets beat up regularily on account of his strange egyptian walk and his love for the french horn, tried to fit in by wearing a pot on his head, but needless to say this just made matters much worse."
JC Superstar
Bobby Huxtable "After the euphoria of self castration, Jimmy decided to celebrate in the only way he's ever known: dancing to the 'Bengal's Greatest Hits' with his dick in his hand and a pot on his head, with visions of homosexuals dancing the night away."
Micro Heddie
Ol'St. Nick "Hooray! Removing my own genitalia with this kitchen dining knife really makes me think about when I used to GET IT ON. In fact, it completely takes my mind off the flowerpot I have stuck on my head."
Kevin Dirtbag Baby "I was happy, while threatening to cut off my balls in front of the great multi-faced grey god, I didn't see the flower pot coming."
Savona the 2nd
Mike Wood "Zaphod leapt out of his seat. 'Then what's happened to the missles?' he said. 'They would appear,' said Ford doubtfully, "to have turned into a bowl of petunias, an odd-looking fungal growth with five grey discs protruding from it, and a very suicidal-looking happy-face.' Curiously enough, the only thing that went through the mind of the bowl of petunias as it fell past the odd-looking fungal growth and suicidal happy-face was "Oh no, not again." Many people have speculated that if we knew exactly why the bowl of petunias had thought that we would know a lot more about the nature of the universe than we do now."
Zinderfine "The kitty litter and sly guy payloads always make it but the 'chute never opens for the poor orchids, forever doomed to extinction."
Jochen Midnight "As my health fell, I wasn't sure quite what I could do with so much chicken. Just another step in the process of life..."
thextreme "Healthcare and stick figures are no match for giant power pigeons!"

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