The game began with my sentance: "Too many cooks spoil the soup."

GangstaFeelsGood drew this

JessicaPierce's caption for above drawing: "These four chefs may be of different nationalities, but the flies which rise from their poisonous soup are identical."

Supermancan drew this

Stand/Alone/Bitch's caption for above drawing: "they were startled to discover that the split pea soup was actually LIVING."

Dead drew this

weStLY's caption for above drawing: "EDB, having broken free of his leash, dropped the bong and ate nate, and dem_ bones was accordingly horrified- that the bong was dropped"

Gritchka drew this

Andara's caption for above drawing: "Radiskull ate the baby Yoda while the skeleton looked on in horror"

shmOOnkie pOOnks drew this

Ideath's caption for above drawing: "And the singing skillinton howled, 'Calaca, calaca - sick from a baby alien with a maraca.'"

b_o_leary drew this

Tandex's caption for above drawing: "The Skeleton's singing voice was so bad that his alien backup singer puked up the Pasta Verde he'd eaten at dinner."

Donfreenut drew this

El peurco loco's caption for above drawing: "In the vacuum of outer space, Admiral Ackbars spectacular sneeze distracts from Skeletor's levitating microphone trick."

Junkpile drew this

Proj2501's caption for above drawing: "man or astroman's duet with the diva space whale did not go as well as planned."

theinfojunkie had some scanner issues and threw this together in paint. Not bad for how quickly it was done.

AlexZander's caption for above drawing: "We drove off the evil aliens by pelting them with ripe tomatos"
Audoiphile's: "Attack Of the Killer Tomatos v0.68pre-beta"

That's a lot of eatpoopyoucat. I should really find a way to automate this process so it doesn't involve me losing two days of work... ;)

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