Eat Poop You Cat 22/05/01 Game 1

Ice Cream Emperor "In his spare time, Kafka painted sunlight."
Brosie "Hiding the sun was the only hope for the disgustingly malformed elf celebrity as he saved himself from the harsh Mercurian weather."
gomi "The Sun was no match for the awesome power of television and it's army of wilted Y's"
Sylphid "why? why must you mock me so, mr. tv! i'm only here to aid in photosynthesis!"
Compos Mentis "The TV's taunting about the ban on plants led me to bemoan aloud how I missed pleasant gardening."
Cthulu "If only I could go back in time and finish that spring planting I was putting off... now the special news bulletin tells me that there will be no more planting - ever!"

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