Eat Poop You Cat 22/05/01 Game 2

Happyfish "The threat of dessication is perhaps the most important problem confronting most terrestrial life."
Cthulu "The harsh sun killed the man through dehydration but only turned the talking cow into an orange tabby cat, albeit a thirsty one."
Ice Cream Emperor
Corinthian "Butterland isn't all that it's cracked up to be, mostly because there's nothing to spread it on. The cats manage to survive somehow,though."
Compos Mentis "The black cat grimaced with fury and entrancement as it crossed the Endless Desert of Blocky Sulphur under the melting Starfish-Sun."
gomi "the angry black cat happily picked his nose, upsetting the already flaccid sun, and causing all the corn to rot."
Epitaph "You stupid cat, quit picking your nose -- you're scaring the fucking corn right off the stalks!"

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