Eat Poop You Cat 05/03/01 Game 1

Zarah "And behold, it was blue, and it flowed from the stones and into flowers and flour and ploughers"
Yossarian "they sent his head up the river on a silver platter. flowers whilted as he passed."
Cthulu "The flowers wilted to avoid meeting the gaze of john the baptist's severed head floating down the river on a (surprisingly buoyant) silver platter."
IceCreamEmperor "As the pope's decapitated head floated down the river on a platter, his body also drifting nearby (its stiff hand still clutching the communion wafer), he was comforted by the sight of a small patch of colourful flowers, growing on the far bank."
Etana "River rafting egghead getting swept to waterfall."

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