Eat Poop You Cat! Eat Poop You Cat!

Eat Poop You Cat is a super-fun game you play with four or more people. First, a person writes a sentence, then passes the paper to the next person. That person draws a picture of the sentence, then folds the paper so that only the picture is visible, then passes to the next person, who writes a caption for the picture, then folds the paper over so the caption is visible, etc.

Below is the repository of our E.P.Y.C. funzies.

49 Eat Poops and counting!

2005-03-05, participants: Mickey, Jason, Don, Alex, Duncan
Cook those eggs faster!
The auditor was unfamiliar with her figure.
I can't believe that monkey ripped that guy's nose off because he didn't get any birthday cake!
Star Trek jumped the shark when Spock left.
Rock and roll is dead! Long live polka!

2003-11-18, participants: Jason, Alex, Goat, Duncan, Don
I had the best cheese when I was in Paris.
Gay men make the best decorators, but it's the lesbians who really get things done!
Paul Hogan saved my baby from a life of crime.
Bangladesh isn't what I expected.
I understand that Dame Edna will be starring in a revival of "A Doll's House!"

2003-02-01, participants: Josh, Alex, Don, Mike
The pterodactyl enjoyed his coffee immensely.
Never smile at a crocodile.
Frank Zappa saw the future!
You ought to call a plumber.

2003-01-01, participants: Duncan, Don, Jason, Alex
A bottle of Jack Daniels plus a Keanu Reeves movie equals Party!
Sandwiches are the rulers of the universe.
I love it when you come back from the bathroom to find your food on the table.
"Debbie Does Dallas" was a pretty funny musical.
Oh, give me a break! Jesus lives in Boston, duh!
I went on a mining expedition for exotic snot.
I hate when "The Simpsons" is pre-empted for a football game.
Flaming death awaits those who oppose the Necronomicon!

2002-12-26, participants: Don, Alex, Mike, Chris, Becky
New York City is soft and chewy, like a Swedish Fish.
"My laundry is stuck in the machine," he cried!
Nobody liked Alex's cool holiday game.
Wendell got rained on really hard.
I want to sleep but no one will let me.

2002-11-17, participants: Josh, Alex, Don, Mike
During the bake off, Sally Sue dropped a roach into her muffins, but hoped no one would notice.
Purple dogs fly at night.
The badger drove to the store.
"Dark side of the Rainbow?" More like "That Sucked Sheep!"
The dead people have worms playing cards on their rotting skulls and Germans dancing polka on their coffins.
Excuse me, could you remove this weather vane?
"Shit, Supergirl, I lost my contact again!"
Oprah Winfrey was wonderful in The Color Purple.

2002-11-16, participants: Duncan, Don, Alex, Jason, Paula
My Uncle Chester wants me to come learn photography at his cabin in the woods.
I like kittens, especially with ketchup.
Duncan has stinky farts.
Have you got anything without SPAM?
Who ate my butt?
Oh shit! I've got an ingrown toenail the size of my head!
Eat my turd, filthy snake charmer!
Chocolate is very fattening, but that's half the charm.
There is entirely too much violence on TV.
Maria thought that moonlight was terribly romantic.

2002-11-16, participants: Duncan, Don, Alex, Keith
The dog was on drugs.
Why do you always die on me?
I learned it from watching you, dad!
The snake lived in the apple.

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