Eat Poop You Cat

  My friends and I first learned about the game Eat Poop You Cat from this website. To quote the instructions as stated by Joe on that site: "Yarr! This be a game whar ye writes a sentence on a piece of paper. Arr. Then ye gives the paper to some other scurvey sod, who draws a picture of the sentence. Tarr! Then they folds ye sentence back and gives the paper to another mangey fish-licker, Who writes his own caption, then he be foldin' back the picture and the game goes on! Blagarrr! Rarrr!" (Here's another description of it, in case you are already confused.)

So anyway, it's sort of like the "telephone" game, but with paper and pencil, alternating between drawing a picture and writing a sentence, when you can only see what the last person before you did.

We played many many games of EPYC at Fake Thanksgiving 2001, at Daina and Eric's. Much hilarity ensued. Click on any of the following "starter sentences" to check out that particular game of EPYC.

The mole-kitty burrows into the side of a hill for mouse-shaped turnips.

The time machine brought Sarah and Dooley to the time of the giant insects.

In fact, many respectable folks do keep giraffes as pets.

My sister puked from eating too many circus peanuts at the drag races.

Travelling with Tivo makes me groovy for gravy.

"My babies, my babies!", she shrieked in a french accent that contradicted her obvious love of jell-o.

Thankfully the airsick lemon knew that there was no tomorrow.

FDR always played with lighters, hoping to find the famed great white turtle.

The customs agent arrested the man who tried to smuggle 500 rare birds in his pants.

Snoopy hated the man who always wore girls panties and teased him with tales of 'ping-pong girl.'

Even the Lord of the Dance has to take out the trash.

Satan's uncle discovered the Internet during the equinox.

Don't put jellybeans in the microwave - they'll hatch into flesh-eating worms.

'Never!', cried the aging monarch, as the two-faced puppy asked for his daughter's hand... in marriage.

My pet monkey loves to skin dive after his dinner of broccoli and Busch Beer.

A car full of drunk vampires crashed into a tee-pee full of blob creatures from the planet Zarg.