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FORTRESSES README ================= Not much here yet. To compile/run the fortresses server, you need Java 1.5 or greater. Go to to download. To compile, just type: javac *.java from the same directory. If you've been fiddling with your classpath, I assume you know enough to know how to make the appropriate changes so this will work. To run the server, type: java FortServer sampleconfig.rc (you can edit the config file as needed). To interactively configure the server, use "-": java FortServer - You can use a telnet client to connect to the server. Just use port 18843. Send the following string to authenticate: connect fortresses 0 0 1 <playername> (where <playername> is replaced with your desired player name). You can get further help by sending the string: help The game is far from complete yet. Mostly I'm still working on the framework. Hopefully you should see something substantial take form over the next couple months. Feel free to send me an email at: or: for more help. Fortresses is released under the BSD license. Sean Nichols Aug. 24, 2008
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