UAE Pictures 2

More pics from around the UAE. Most of them "touristy" stuff and therefore probably not very interesting. The more interesting ones are here.

Update (May 2003): A third episode of pictures from AUS and around sharjah is here.

Souq (ie: market) in Al Ain.

And the traffic just outside it.

Bidya mosque; the oldest in the UAE (dating to ca. 1400 AD).

From the old to the new. The Burj al-Arab, on Jumeirah Beach, just outside Dubai. The world's tallest (and only six-star) hotel. Doesn't look that impressive until you realize that it's over a kilometer away; the palm trees at the bottom are 4 floors high.

This creek (inlet) splits Dubai in two. These boats are called Dhows and regularly ply the waters between here and Iran / Pakistan. You can haggle a one-way ticket down to $CA 15, if you're good.

Typical UAE driving. The skid marks on the road are an extra bonus.

But look what they have to contend with. The "Friday Market" just outside the town of Masafi. Has a tendancy to spill over into -- and right across -- the highway. It's at a low ebb right now.

My parents' apartment building in Abu Dhabi.

And the view from out their kitchen window.

Yep. They're sand dunes, all right.

The Buraimi oasis (about five thousand years old), just outside of downtown Al Ain.

Inside the Buraimi oasis.

A falaj which carries water from the mountains (where it occasionally rains) down into the villages.

For the most part, the camels just wish you'd leave them alone...

And that's all for now. I return you to your prior aimless browsing.

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