1337Script Translator

  • Type text in the window. Select translation type. Hit 'Sumbit'. Rinse and repeat.
  • Note the backslash '\' can be used as an escape character to prevent the following character from being translated. To include an actual backslash, escape it as '\\'.
  • Yeah it's not very sophisticated. Errors crop up when translating text back into English. They're not really avoidable without making it super-intelligent, which I have no interest in doing. Deal.
  • The PHP source code is here. You're welcome to it. It's copyright me, but I'm not going to be anal. You can take it and do whatever you want. I'd appreciate it if you give me credit, though. I'd appreciate it even more if you tell me what cool things <G> you're doing with it.
  • The PHP source for the page you're reading is here. Same comments apply.
  • If you're using this for anything important, or you want any sort of warranty, you're insane. You're also not getting one :-P
  • Enjoy!

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